Welcome To SwankHanks

SwankHanks EDC goods are made by hand using only the finest materials sourced from all around the world. SwankHanks is proud to be the first microsuede backed hank. The original and still the best. We offer higher quality materials than the competition, at a better value. Unique style and unmatched quality. This is what sets SwankHanks apart from the rest.


Asian Themes

Some of our material is sourced directly from Japan including organic Japanese Dobby and Kona cotton.


Others try to imitate, but SwankHanks was the first to introduce microsuede and microfiber to EDC hanks nearly 10 years ago.the quality material we use is the best in the industry.


Wonderful product from a passionate craftsman. Never been dissappointed by materials or finish. 

Hayden Nininger

For superior craftsmanship, materials, stitching, fresh, imaginative patterns and first-rate customer service there is none better than SwankHanks!

Aaron Johnson

Awesome prints, Excellent stitching and overall Fantastic Products!!!! 5star A+++

Kyle Mueller